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your business playground – We enable experienced companies to act as fast, agile and creatively as successful start-ups.

We will help you to organise an interactive workshop, or thematic event, set up a creative project room, and businessable meeting room. 

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ABOUT our space


Launchlabs - Krakow, next to Basel, Berlin, and Sofia, is the fourth Launchlabs' department opened in Europe. We create spaces that inspire to work, collaboration, and creative thinking. We are guided by the rule that every space must be adaptable to the human's needs.

Workshop Room
Conference Room
Project Room

72 m²

Cinema setting

max. 50 people

Workshop setting

max. 24 people

20 m²

Conference setting

max. 12 people

23 m²


Cinema setting

max. 15 people


Project room setting

max. 8 people



ABOUT our Services


Innovative teams need a playing field that fosters creativity and provides a structure that allows ideas to fly. We design workspaces for innovation where minds, methods and materials come together in the right kind of physical, digital and mental space.


In our learninglabs you and your team will learn to understand and apply Design Thinking as a mindset, methodology and toolkit. You will explore the application of agile approaches to designing services, business models or products


There wouldn't be a successful workshop without a creativity, and there wouldn't be a creativity without the fun part. We know that. Therefore, in our funlabs you have a great opportunity to explore the charming city of Krakow and get inspired to complite every project.

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